Why Blame The Stars ?

They are there to help you to become Rich Healthy & Wealthy, Wise & Successful, You are born with a purpose " Kam Arth Dharma Moxx " Your non - knowledge of your horoscope makes you helpless, as elite of India do not know Sanskrit. The practical value of language was along with it's infras tructure utility was in total destroyed by lord Macullay and Sir John Bentick, by not giving it any remunerative value. So Indians remain perpetual slaves of Queen Victoria if it was introduced in railway banking law elite would have studied & restored India back to its glory, land of golden sparrow.

A horoscope is a chart of your Karma Past Present & Future, and next life you are born at a time, place, parents, etc...your planets as ordained by Birmand Puran have different speeds Moon takes ( two days & 6 hours ) 27 days,  Sun ( 30 days ) 360 days, Saturn ( 30 months ) 30 yrs, to complete one cycle, one knowing astrology can plan better if there is any bad or good time, remove any obstacle, he can use Karmakand, Kamya Hawan Paddhati to overcome it and success will be your fruit, you shall become Healthy  Wealthy & Wise, No J.O.B. for  you ( just obey your boss ) do not  develop your brain intelligence talent the non knowledge of astrology comes your way,  knowledge is power a lamp to guide you.

If you need money just pray to Lord Saturn " Om Sham Sanchary Yasho Dehi Dhan Dehi " 12500 a day for 23 days, your obstacle will go, test  & tell for more riches to Kamya  Hawan of  Bilva Phal ( Aegle Marmelos Bael Fruit Tree ) see Mantra Mahodadhi for full details Anusthan Prakash, Mantra Maharnav, Mansagri, etc.....


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